Making a healthy, happier you!

Helping people reconnect with their authentic self, unlocking their true purpose, potential and destiny.

About Us

The mission of our organization is simple:

To help people from all backgrounds suffer less and to connect with their true purpose.

We believe that by teaching and helping others connect with life and to seek understanding, compassion and love, that all those around them will benefit.

    We believe in:
  • ● Listening to you
  • ● Helping you find the joy and passion in your life
  • ● Helping you see what you could not see before
  • ● Providing you guidance and support

We are very interested in your experience and are truly invested in your peace and happiness. The more you align with life, the more you naturally become a bright, shining light in the world we all share.

Author, Speaker and Self Improvement Expert:

Greg S. Graf has a long history of helping people awaken and grow. Greg is an author, speaker and researcher of life's energy, human behavior, philosophy and ancient religions. Surrounded by negativity and suffering, he began to recognize “life patterns” of cause and effect. Greg knew that he had to break-free of his own suffering and seek out a new path of understanding.


Greg worked closely with thought-leaders, spiritual teachers and gurus. They shared their understanding, mindfulness and their freedom from self-limiting thought. Greg spent years transforming himself and used their guidance to compile their teachings into specialized life transforming program.

Greg has truly lived a diverse, experience-filled life. Throughout the years working with numerous people, small groups and large companies, he learned how to tap into life's power to inspire and motivate others. Greg has a proven track record of coaching, mindfulness and life transformation workshops/retreats. He loves sharing and helping others and is very passionate about life and the pursuit of true happiness.